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Free bets for Victorians

One topic that generates a lot of discussion amongst sports betting fans is the availability of free bets offered to residents of Victoria, Australia. There is confusion around the topic due to the Victorian State Government’s ban on bookmakers offering new customers a free bet in return for opening a new account.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that there are different types of free bets. The most popular free bets are those offered by Australian bookmakers to new customers, often referred to as sign up or deposit bonuses. However, there exist other forms of free bets, for example, there are: reload bonuses, no deposit free bets and weekly promotions where bonus bets are offered.

In Australia, gambling is regulated by State Government legislation. The Victorian Gambling Act legislates against bookmakers making free bet offers, or enticing new customers with the promise of free bets. Details of the Act can be found on the Victorian Commission for Gambling website.

So how can you get a free bet?

There are number of ways Victorians can still get access to free bets, including sign up bonuses:

Ask nicely after registering an account

It’s fairly common for a bookmaker to honour a free bet to a Victorian customer once they have registered an account. One of our members reported this happening within the past few weeks. Bookmakers are able to offer bonuses to existing account holders. As a course of action, we recommend you ask the bookie for a free bet once you have registered your account, believe us – this is an effective strategy.

  1. Try this tactic with any of the bookmaker free bets listed on our home page or those published below.
Neds bonus optionUnibet offerSportsbet optionLadbrokes offerpossible CrownBet offer

Big Bash bonus bets

CrownBet Big Bash bonus

Bookmakers commonly offer bonus bet refunds for losing bets placed on certain sport events. There a number of these offers currently available for T20 Big Bash tournament, one of which is available with CrownBet, they will refund your top run scorer bet up to $50 if your selection scores 30 or more runs. This is effectively a free bet, and; this offer is most definitely available to Victorian residents. The key is, they are advertising a promotion to existing customers and not enticing new customers, but if you register an account, you will be entitled to the offer.

  1. All Big Bash matches
  2. Player scores 30+ runs
  3. Receive up to a $50 bonus bet

CrownBet BBL bonus

Neds BBL offer

Neds offers a bonus each BBL match, typically the special changes depending on the match,
currently they will give you a bonus bet on another match if you place a bet on the current fixture.

  1. BBL matches
  2. Place a H2H bet
  3. Receive a bonus on another match

Neds bonus

Sportsbet run scorer offer

Sportsbet is offering a top run scorer special on every Big Bash match. They will pay out on top run scorer bets as soon as the player scores 50.

  1. Early payout
  2. Top run scorer bets
  3. If player reaches 50

Sportsbet BBL offer

Unibet head-to-head bonus

Unibet is also offering a good bonus deal on the Big Bash, if your team scorse 180 runs or more but loses, you’ll receive your bet stake back.

  1. All BBL fixtures
  2. Head-to-head insurance
  3. If score 180+ runs

Unibet Big Bash insurance

Ladbrokes BBL offer

Ladbrokes also provides a refund bonus on the Big Bash. Their refund is triggered if your team scores 170+ runs but then loses.

  1. Ladbrokes BBL bonus
  2. Bonus bet refund on H2H bets
  3. If team scores 170+ runs but lose

Ladbrokes BBL offer

Other available bonuses

AFL promotions and bonuses

All of the top betting agencies offer bonus bets and promotions on AFL matches. The start of the season is always the best time to cash in on some of these betting specials. You can view the bonus bets on offer for AFL matches here.

The reload bonus

Another way to receive a deposit free bet is via a reload bonus. If you haven’t bet with a bookmaker for a period of time, then they will likely encourage you back to their agency by offering a matching free bet if you deposit a certain amount of money. This is commonly referred to as a reload bonus. The key to this strategy is to withdraw all of your account funds once you have bet through your initial deposit. Within months, the betting agency will be keen to have you back, and will be prepared to offer a free bet in order to do so. This form of offer is particularly prevalent in the lead up to the Spring Racing Carnival.

  1. Tip: It may be worth withdrawing from all of your betting accounts in the dead of winter and then waiting for the Spring offers to arrive in your inbox. Ladbrokes, below have been known to offer reload bonuses.

Ladbrokes bonus

Take advantage of free bets that are available

If you are not able to earn a sign up bonus by asking nicely, it’s time to get a little more creative. Each week, Australian betting operators post a series of betting promotions in order to entice existing customers to bet. These offers are becoming more and more valuable to bettors. In fact, it could be said that these promotions have increased in value due to the restrictions placed on sign up offers to Victorian residents.

Leaders in this space are CrownBet, Sportsbet and William Hill. Some of the offers are simply too good to refuse. For example, if you’re looking for a free bet on the horses, CrownBet often provides its members with free bets if they bet on a particular race and their selection loses. In fact, they have been known to do this for up to 4 races on any given Saturday; that’s 4 free bets!

CrownBet bonus

There are ways to receive free bets

In summary, yes, as per the law, Victorians are not entitled to free bets when they register a new account with a bookmaker. However, by asking nicely, looking around for good betting offers and taking control of your existing accounts, you’ll find that in actual fact there are plenty of ways to secure a free bet if you’re from the great state of Victoria.

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