Changes to NSW bonus bet regulations

From 4th January 2016, changes have been made to the NSW Racing Administration Regulation that will have implications for NSW bettors. The change in legislation effectively means that NSW punters can no longer benefit from the following promotions offered by licensed Australian betting operators:

  1. bonus bet specials
  2. cash back or money back refunds
  3. enhanced odds offers
  4. refer a friend bonuses
  5. in-play betting refunds

The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) has made an amendment to clause 12(1) (h) of the Racing Administration Regulation 2012, that effectively bans the advertising of any form of gambling inducements. Previously, various types of bonus bet offers were available to NSW residents.

Free bets on sign up are unaffected

There has been no change to free bets offered to new customers that register a new account. The Regulation already excludes these offers to NSW residents, as it does to Victorian, South Australian and Western Australian residents. However, Victorian residents remain unaffected by the NSW regulatory change and are still able to benefit from bonus bets offered by bookmakers that are not an inducement to open a new account.

Presentation of bonus bets offers

Australian bookmakers have been forced to change the presentation of their bonus bet specials as a result of the change. They are still offering bonus bet offers to members from other Australian states. However, at the end of each promotion, they publish either: “Offer not available to NSW residents”, or “Excludes NSW”.

The following betting promotions are no longer available to NSW patrons

Bonus bet specials

Bookmakers will no longer be able to offer NSW customers a bonus bet, for betting on a certain event, or as the result of an outcome of a certain event.

Money back specials

Betting agencies typically offer a cash refund, or money back refund if their bet loses but their bet qualifies for some type of voucher. For example, Sportsbet often publishes ‘Money back if you finish 2nd or 3rd” in select horse races. These offers will no longer be available to NSW members.

Enhanced odds

Popular throughout 2015, enhanced odds promotions are published in a bid to entice customers to bet on a certain event.

Refer a friend bonus

Bookmakers that offer refer a friend bonus will no longer be able to offer this financial reward to NSW customers.

First bet in-play refunds

William Hill offered its clientele many instant refunds on their first in-play bet throughout 2015. These offers will still be available but will exclude NSW customers.

So how can NSW punters extract value from their bookmaker?

As a result of the change in legislation, the landscape has changed considerably. For NSW residents, it’s back to the old days where astute punting and securing the best odds are paramount to success. We recommend looking for bookmakers that consistently offer the best odds. If you’re betting on horse racing events, look for a bookmaker like Ladbrokes, or Palmerbet that offers ‘best of the best’ betting. Our bookmaker reviews tell you various different bet types offered by each bookmaker.

In summary

The change for New South Wales punters that take advantage of bonus bet offers is significant. However, customers that do not regularly take advantage of these offers will be largely unaffected. If you are ever in doubt, our site always lists any states that are excluded from both free bet and any bonus bet specials.

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