Australian free bets in 2020: The state of play

You may have noticed that free bets for signing up with an Australian betting site are no longer available. In May 2019, new laws were introduced under the National Consumer Protection Framework that effectively banned all sign up bonuses and inducements to bet. Free bets as we know them, are no longer available in 2020.

infographic explaining that free bets are banned and bonus bet promotions are available

What are bonus bet offers?

A bonus bet offer is a type of free bet that an existing customer of a bookmaker can earn. Bonus bet offers come in all different forms and can involve the gifting of a free bet, if a particular requirement is met. For example, Sportsbet may run a promotion whereby they will issue refunds for losing bets if a horse finishes 2nd or 3rd. If your bet is refunded, you have effectively earned a free bet. Early payouts, double winnings promotions, and even odds boosts are all forms of bonus bet offers or betting promotions.

Are bonus bet offers available in 2020?

Bonus bet promotions are only available to residents of certain Australian states. Residents of New South Wales are not able to receive any form of inducement to bet. Residents of South Australia and Western Australia are typically not able to participate in most bonus bet promotions either.

Bonus bets eligibility by state

  • Victoria – Available
  • Queensland – Available
  • Tasmania – Available
  • ACT – Available
  • NT – Available
  • New South Wales – Banned
  • South Australia – Typically not available
  • Western Australia – Typically not available

Residents of all other Australian states and territories, including Victoria, are able to participate in bonus bet offers from their bookmaker. While these are not free bet sign up bonuses, they are nonetheless ways of receiving a bonus bet or additional winnings from a betting site. The types of bonus bet offers available in eligible Australian states include:

  • Losing bet refunds
  • Double winnings offers
  • Early payouts
  • Price boosts
  • Winning bet bonuses

Betting sites that still offer bonus bets

Most Australian betting sites still offer bonus bet promotions to residents from eligible states. In most cases, you need to already be a customer of a bookmaker in order to view the promotions.

If logging in to each bookmaker seems tiresome, you can visit a site like Free Bettor and view bonus bet promotions without needing to register an account.

Bonus bet abuse

While it is possible to receive bonus bet offers if you are from an eligible state, your bookmaker can ban you from receiving any future offers. This is actually quite common. If you continue to only bet on markets where it is possible to receive a bonus bet, you will likely receive a reprimand, or worse, be excluded from any future promotions from that betting site.

The upshot of the online betting framework is that it free bets are no longer available in 2020 but, if you are from an eligible state, you can still participate in bonus bet promotions and receive a little more bang for your buck.

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