Free bets for Victorians

One topic that generates a lot of discussion amongst sports betting fans is the availability of free bets offered to residents of Victoria, Australia. There is confusion around the topic due to the Victorian State Government’s ban on bookmakers offering new customers a free bet in return for opening a new account.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that there are different types of free bets. The most popular free bets are those offered by Australian bookmakers to new customers, often referred to as sign up or deposit bonuses. However, there exist other forms of free bets, for example, there are: reload bonuses, no deposit free bets and weekly promotions where bonus bets are offered.

In Australia, gambling is regulated by State Government legislation. The Victorian Gambling Act legislates against bookmakers making free bet offers, or enticing new customers with the promise of free bets. Details of the Act can be found on the Victorian Commission for Gambling website.

So how can you get a free bet?

There are number of ways Victorians can still get access to free bets, including sign up bonuses:

There are ways to receive free bets

In summary, yes, as per the law, Victorians are not entitled to free bets when they register a new account with a bookmaker. However, by asking nicely, looking around for good betting offers and taking control of your existing accounts, you’ll find that in actual fact there are plenty of ways to secure a free bet if you’re from the great state of Victoria.

Sign up bonuses

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